Foshan Global Bridge Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a mosaic tile company helping our clients to grow business by designing, sourcing delivery mosaic products.
    We established in 2006, have a modern showroom and office building of 4 thousand 2 hundred Square meters.
    Our customers see us as their solution provider and we have already successfully co-operated with nearly 300 clients and some of them became our sole distributors and partners.
    Our mission is to help our clients growing business. Hope we have the opportunity to cooperate and be a win-win partner.


Designer Team


In terms of our history, we are an innovative mosaic tile manufacturer specializing in mosaic wholesale and project for 12 years.
Today Global Bridge provides a vast array of products, designs, consulting and technical information for the benefit of our customers.

              Exclusive Design                                  Customized Design                                Engineering Design


Appearance Design Patent Certificate